Transport Canada’s new Air Cargo Security Program

Transport Canada is implementing changes to its Air Cargo Security Program that will directly affect firms originating, handling, shipping, and screening air cargo of all descriptions across Canada. Transport Canada is accepting applications from businesses wishing to be registered in five new categories:

Known Consignors: Originate air cargo that has been made secure through a screening process applied at the time of packing.

Regulated Agent: Screens cargo on behalf of others to make it secure and subsequently stores and/or transports the secure cargo. If your company is currently an Approved Participant, you should apply to become a Regulated Agent.

Certified Agent: Stores, transports and/or accepts cargo that an Air Cargo Security Program participant has screened and made secure. If your company transports, stores or accepts air cargo, you should apply to become a Certified Agent.

Account Consignor: Originates cargo and has it screened by an authorized participant in the Air Cargo Security Program to make it secure.

Authorized Account Administrator: Directs the movement of secure cargo without coming into direct contact with it.

Registration and accreditation requires that companies plan for and conduct training for all staff that will handle cargo within these categories.

Air Cargo Training

Online training that will allow you to cost-effectively meet the training requirements for registration within Transport Canada’s new Air Cargo Security program.

Courses reflect amendments to Canadian Aviation Security Regulations (CASRs), 2012 (coming into force on October 17, 2016) and Transport Canada's voluntary Air Cargo Security (ACS) Program.

Courses support full compliance with the implementation of the required Cargo Security Plan, inspections, audits, and training requirements for Known Consignors. Courses support training for Authorized Cargo Representatives (ACR), Cargo Security Coordinators (CSC) and Cargo Screeners.

Courses are available online; they are self-paced and designed to support training requirements for all new categories under the Air Cargo Security Program. Courses can also be delivered on-site for companies with significant employees requiring training.

Our training courses cover topics ranging from air cargo security awareness based upon the new Air Cargo Security Program through to facility security, cargo screening and chain of custody. They include course on the development of in house training programs through to requirements for personnel security, oversight and compliance audits.

More information on our course offerings can be found here.