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What's in it for me?

Captivating online courses in air cargo security awareness; facility security and access control; introductory and advanced screening techniques; training-program development; chain of custody; and, much more.

Compliance with Cargo Security Plan, inspections, audits, and training requirements for Authorized Cargo Representative (ACR), Cargo Security Coordinator (CSC) and Cargo Screener.

Courses reflect amendments to Canadian Aviation Security Regulations (CASRs), 2012 (coming into force on October 17, 2016) and Transport Canada's voluntary Air Cargo Security (ACS) Program.

Who's it for?

Producers who originate air cargo and screen it themselves, or have it made secure by other participants in the Air Cargo Security Program.

Shippers; freight forwarders, including truckers and warehouse operators; cargo screeners; and, logistics-only companies moving cargo through Canada's air cargo secure supply chain.

New employees, seasoned front-line staff, experienced managers.

Current ACS Program participants and companies applying under new ACS Program-categories.

Expanding Knowledge and Expertise — Building Compliance
Enhancing Business-Line Opportunities
What's the Lansdowne Air Cargo Training Edge?

Courses have been developed with the guidance of recently retired Transport Canada Security Inspectors, and other industry and subject-matter experts.

Lansdowne’s Air Cargo Training (LACT) provides managers and staff with training to enhance knowledge, expertise, and compliance in secure supply-chain management and front-line operations.

Lansdowne’s Air Cargo Training aligns with key elements of Transport Canada’s new regulatory framework — keeping your training current and compliant — not obsolete.

Participants learn how to prepare comprehensive Cargo Security Plans and demonstrate compliance during on-site inspections — key requirements for admission to Transport Canada's Air Cargo Security Program.

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